Testimonials from Tablet Recipients

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I am so grateful that my WWII purple heart bronze star Veteran father Arthur received the amazing gift of an iPad. Since the pandemic he uses the iPad to participate in music therapy via zoom on weekdays for 90 minutes. He also watches YouTube movies and listens to music.
We’ve installed many of the VA apps to assist him.
He also participates in his remote virtual VA appointments with his iPad.
I am so grateful to Iwarriors for presenting this amazing gift to him.
My dad will be 97 years old on December 10th.
Thank you so much for bringing such joy into his life with this iPad.

Sherry BFL

IWarriors was injected into my life at a pivotal moment. After years of formal military and VA therapy, I have slowly been finding traction in regaining some semblance of normalcy in my life again. During my travels along my path to recovery, I found therapeutic benefits in raising rabbits. Thanks to IWarriors, and the generous sponsors that support them, I can now keep my pertinent records organized. In addition, the health resources that were included with the IPad are tremendously beneficial in improving my overall well-being. Thank you so much for your donations! You all make such a huge impact in our lives.

Brian PGeorgia

I loved this amazing gift. It has helped so much in my day to day and can say enough what this means to me.

Roy J.Maryland

Thank you guys so much for all you do, it is greatly appreciated. What you do may seem like a small gesture but to those on the receiving end it means a lot more. Thank you for your support and ongoing efforts. From veterans everywhere, we are forever grateful.

Kenneth C.

I am completely blown away, I never expected to find all the extras inside the box and the inscription on the back of the ipad had me choked up. Thank you so very much. I never expected anything like this I am truly thankful very for everything!

SGT Charles C. – U.S Army

I cannot thank you enough times to everyone involved for my new iPad. I have used it every day since getting it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Semper Fi!

Jake A.

I got the iPad!!! It is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!! I have used it so much!! Lot of great apps for memory and cognitive issues plus some great yoga aps for PTSD!! I will take some pictures this weekend and send them to you. You guys are the best!! Christmas was early this year!!

Zach J.

My name is L cpl Martin Ortiz. Recently I received an I pad from you, and I wanted to thank you for this very special gift. I honestly never expected such a gift, so yall really caught me by surprise! I only wish I could thank you in person. Thank you so much for what your doing, it really helps to have such wonderful support from generous people like yourselves. Again, thank you very much, and stay safe out there

L cpl Martin O.

Thank you for your recent gift to my son Cpl. Austin Wells. Words can not describe the excitement he exuded sharing your gift with us. His hands shook as he showed us the inscription. It’s good to see him happy. YOU did that. We are eternally grateful. We have made a small donation in YOUR honor. Thank you for YOUR time and service to our wounded warriors. God Bless.

Cpl. Austin W.

Good afternoon, My name is Sgt Kaleb Weakley and I recently received a personalized iPad from you all at Balboa Naval Hospital and I wanted to again say thank you for what you did for myself and my fellow Marines. Your service and dedication to help our wounded heroes is inspiring and I wanted to say thank you again.

Sgt Kaleb W.

Thank you Iwarriors and everyone involved with your very generous organization. I received a package in the mail yesterday and was stunned when I saw that there was the most thoughtful gift I have ever received from people I have never met. I really thought it was too good to be true. I was extremely happy when I opened my package. Not just because there was an iPad in there, but because of the time and care that was put into making this wonderful gift for me. The first thing I had opened was the card and was stunned when I read a personalized note written specifically for me and not a generic saying. Me and my family are so happy that there are people out there that still care about the struggles of our wounded warriors in these times when we feel forgotten. Thank everyone again who is involved in this amazing program you are very much in my thoughts.

Sergeant Christopher Rich

I got to say that I never expected a package from the UPS lady. Especially one with my name on it. You guys are awesome. When I opened it my 12 year old daughter was there. She initially thought it was for her; I thought it was too. With my injuries I’ve been known to forget…..everything. The card by itself was enough to make me want to tear up; the inscription on the back did. This gift couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve actually been feeling a little down lately. Thank you for choosing me for this, and thank you for everyone else before me, and after. This gift will be well used. Just a card shows that people care. This is above and beyond. Thank you again “Deeds not Words”.

Timothy Bosch